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Attorney David C. Evans serves residents of Jackson County, OH for property sales and closings in Jackson and surrounding areas. Whether you need real estate legal services for a commercial or residential property in Jackson, Wellston, Coalton, Oak Hill or other communities in the county, I am here to represent you. David C. Evans can handle real estate legal services for titles, mortgages, foreclosures, closings, escrows, purchase agreements, and many other related issues. Having David C. Evans on your side can ensure that your real estate transaction goes smoothly for both homes and commercial buildings. David C. Evans can examine a property’s title and history to make sure there are no problems, advise on mortgage options, and review contracts to make sure they are equitable for all parties involved. Call Cherrington Moulton & Evans in Gallipolis today at (740) 446-1737 to schedule a consultation.

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Probate Legal Services for Executors in the Area

In Jackson County, Ohio, some residents must go through the legal process of probate after the death of a loved one. An executor must present a decedent’s will to the Jackson County Probate Court in Jackson, Ohio, to confirm that it is credible. It is a process that is typically included as a result of one’s estate plan. Some are able to avoid probate depending on the structure of their estate plan. I can provide you with important information such as strategies, dates, deadlines, and also help communicate with beneficiaries and creditors. To learn more about estate planning, will writing and probate contact our office.

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My Law Firm is Here to Assist with the Probate Process in Jackson County

If you are an executor in Jackson, Wellston, Coalton, Oak Hill or other communities in the county, David C. Evans is here to assist you with probate. My office and I will help you go through all the paperwork, ensure death certificates are obtained, determine the value of your loved one’s property, coordinate with getting it appraised, and file the will with the Jackson County Courthouse. Once the court approves the will and inventory, depending on the particular estate, you may begin paying debts and taxes, and then distribute what is left to beneficiaries according to the will.

Will Writing For the Future of Your Family in Jackson County, OH

Without a will in Jackson County or in any county in Ohio, the state will decide who receives your assets and property according to statutory law. David C. Evans can assist in writing a will that plans out how your property and assets are distributed after you pass away. Wills are part of an estate plan, which may include powers of attorney, durable powers of attorney for healthcare, living wills and other documents. Ohio has unique laws and policies that must be followed for writing wills that can be difficult to understand. David C. Evans can help you navigate through the specific requirements you need to create a plan for the future. I will help you define assets, name beneficiaries, assign guardians for minor children and pets, and appoint an executor with your last will and testament.

Title Insurance Policies Available for Lenders and Owners

Acquiring title insurance may be a crucial step when buying a home in Jackson, Wellston, Coalton, Oak Hill, Ohio or other communities in the county. Title insurance is beneficial for a homebuyer because it protects you from potential problems with title to the property. A lender’s title insurance policy is available to protect the lender’s interest when it has financed someone’s property. Without insurance you might be responsible if there are any issues with title. taxes, liens and anything else that might be hiding in the records. Upon closing the sale of a property, David C. Evans’ title company, Five Star Title Insurance Agency, Inc., will go through the process of getting you title insurance. Five Star Title Insurance Agency, Inc. issues title insurance policies for both homeowners and lenders.

For legal help with real estate, probate, and title insurance in Jackson County, OH, contact Attorney David C. Evans.