Real Estate Attorney David C. Evans
in Gallipolis, OH

David C. Evans Offers Comprehensive Real Estate Services

David C. Evans specializes in real estate law in the Gallipolis, Ohio, and surrounding areas. My law firm is experienced in handling issues regarding commercial and residential real estate. If you need legal services for your purchase contracts, title searches, deeds, mortgages, land contracts, foreclosures or closings, depend on my experienced office.

Legal Services to Make Real Estate Law Easier to Understand

A real estate transaction can be tricky, and I recommend hiring an attorney to make the process easier and to help with answering any questions. Let me review a property’s transaction history and title records to guarantee it can be sold or purchased free and clear of all title issues before the closing. I can also review contracts to make sure they are in my clients’ best interests. For real estate legal services contact David C. Evans at (740) 466-1737.

I Handle Transactions for Commercial and Residential Properties

In Ohio, real estate law involves various parties and interests, including property owners, sellers, buyers, renters, landlords and lienholders. With any commercial or residential property, there are various applicable laws to consider. As a real estate attorney, David C. Evans can review important documents and answer questions. He can make things clear during any type of real estate transaction. Common types of real estate related documents are purchase agreements, deeds, mortgages, land contracts, leases, and various title documents, transfer documents and closing documents. When you work with my office, we can identify issues as they occur and advise you accordingly. I offer in-depth knowledge and understanding of real estate law on which you can depend. My counsel is also confidential to give you peace of mind.



Lease Agreements



Landlord and Tenant Laws


Sales & Acquisitions

Title & Boundary Disputes

Property Tax

Consultations to Review Agreements for Counsel on Real Estate Laws

David C. Evans has reliable legal services for many different areas of real estate law in Ohio. Before you buy or sell a home, turn to David C. Evans and his staff of professionals to assist you with the process. Also consult with us before you begin any construction projects on your property. We will make sure your plans are in compliance with local zoning and land use laws. If you are renting a property in Gallipolis, Ohio, and the surrounding areas, let me review the document to ensure your legal needs are covered.

Assistance with Securing Financing and Mortgage Loans

Real estate is likely the most expensive item you will ever purchase in your lifetime. Since it is such a large purchase, many require special financing and loans to buy a property. Mortgages and other types of financing for real estate have specific laws in Ohio. Attorney David C. Evans of Cherrington Moulton & Evans is experienced and has in-depth understanding of these laws. I perform title examinations to ensure a property has a marketable title and is able to be financed. My goal is to help area homeowners consider all of their options, and secure the financing they need.

For commercial and residential properties, contact Cherrington Moulton & Evans for advice from real estate attorney David C. Evans.